Titty talks is a group effort.
We would like to extend the titty talks family.

Stories songs and more.

If you are an aspiring actress and/or a woman with a story to tell about your experience, then we want to here from you.

Taking auditions

Titty Talks is taking auditions for our upcoming shows in Ottawa & Wakefield and Ontario.

Please send your 10 -15 minute YouTube video to us at: *


Our YouTube channel,

 You Can
  • Write about your experiences with your bests and your womanhood.

  • Act in front of a large live audience.

  • Dance to the beat of your drum.

  • Sing about your experience as a woman>.

  •  Grow from your experience with our troupe.

  • Share your experiences with us so we can share with others.

All monologues may also be submitted in text format to to be considered for our review and entry into the play.  videos  will not be made public and are for consideration viewing may be required to addition in person at a rehearsal.